Because we already met,

I wanted to give you some short-cuts to several things you might be interested in.  First, my full contact info:


David Prins

Chief Everything Officer

Mindful Financial

919-972-8676 (office)

919-244-0787 (mobile)

855-646-3385 (e-fax)

If you are looking to expand your network...

If you are looking for clients...

and you think we might know your target customer

If you are looking for referral partners...

and think our businesses are compatible,

or you're with a CPA firm not offering bookkeeping services,

If you are looking for a good bookkeeper...

Then you're in luck.  It just so happens we provide professional bookkeeping services.  

Where would you say you are right now in terms of trying our services?

And if you are looking for the normal website...