Photo by Thomas Northcut/Photodisc / Getty Images
Photo by Thomas Northcut/Photodisc / Getty Images

Creating Positive Change

Our mission is to create positive change in the world.  In practical terms, if we can help you understand your books better, help reduce your stress, or just provide you with a useful service, that would be a positive change right?  That is why we focus on producing results with real world, nitty-gritty, reliable bookkeeping.  

But there's more to it than that.  If we can free up some of your time and mental space to do more of what you're good at, and we can do the same for all our other clients too, then our collective potential for positive impact has just grown exponentially.  By helping you, we help everyone and everything you help.  That's what drives us.

Photo by Michael Blann/Photodisc / Getty Images
Photo by Michael Blann/Photodisc / Getty Images

Sustainable Growth

Mindful Financial is committed to maximizing the positive impact we have on our communities, and minimizing the negative impact we have on the environment.  Running a paperless office lets us reduce our resource footprint, and the smart use of technology helps us reduce the amount of fuel we use for travel.  Technology uses energy, so to help counter the fuel and energy we do use, we purchase green energy credits (both locally and nationally).  We build community by being involved as a company, by rewarding and supporting employee involvement, and by donating to local non-profits.

From a different perspective, growing as people and growing our impact can last a lifetime. Therefore, personal growth could be considered the most sustainable form of growth.  One of the goals of our work is to nurture organizations (and their people) by practicing holistic accounting.  When you grow - financially, organizationally, personally - you are able to express more clearly who you are, and bring your dreams closer to reality.  By helping you do that, we also grow.  Here's to the future.

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Photo by View Stock/View Stock / Getty Images

Non-judgemental Awareness

Non-judgemental awareness can help a lot of life's processes go more smoothly.  We have found it's especially applicable to accounting and finance.  A lot of people experience stress around money.  Everyone has strengths but accounting may not be one of them.  That's OK. We meet you right where you are.  No judgement, no criticism, just good information. 

There is also a large overarching process to starting, growing, and running a business…  You may be just starting out with yourself, your wits, and the product/service you’re offering.  Or  you may be in a place where you’ve grown your business to have a business manager and 100 employees.  You may be somewhere in the middle.  Wherever you are – that is where we would like to meet you to help you take the next step toward financial success.


Five Stones, Financial Peace of Mind

Our core service philosophy helps break down bookkeeping and accounting into manageable pieces.  Each one builds on the last. Take a minute and see where you would be, and where you would want to be.




Know where you stand (financially).  

A clear picture of where your money is and where it’s been.  Your books caught up, accurate, and current.  With increased awareness, you can evaluate where you’ve been, and then spring forward.  We can get you there.




Have a solid system in place.

A solid, proven financial system that provides you with accurate, timely financial information on a regular basis, in perpetuity.  For maximum results, we tailor it to your business, processes, employees, and paperwork. 




Maintain the system diligently.

Good habits, attention to detail, and timeliness are crucial to the day-to-day, week-to-week running of your financial system.  We help you track the few things you need to do, and handle the rest so you don't have to.




Track your performance regularly.

Your financial data crunched and interpreted in reports that make sense.  We provide standard reports, business/industry ratios, and custom reports to evaluate specific campaigns & goals. (Not to mention a year end tax packet.)




Plan for your future.

What is it you want to create?  Where do you want to be in 5 years?  10 years? We help identify specifics about what it’s going to take financially to fulfill those dreams, and how to track your progress along the way.


Where are you, and

Where do you want to be?