Full Service Payroll


If you have more than 5 hourly employees, or you want to be able to submit hours and have someone else take care of the rest, then The Paystub People are your people.  They provide awesome payroll, superior customer service, and competitive pricing.  When you need something and call, you're talking to one of their payroll experts in Raleigh.  They are hands down the best payroll company we have worked with in almost 10 years of business. 

DIY Payroll


If you have fewer than 5 employees, or you don't mind entering hours yourself, or if budget is an issue, then the folks at ZenPayroll are your people.  Easy, straightforward, simple payroll.  They offer the peace of mind you get when taxes are withdrawn from your account at payroll time, then paid automatically on your behalf at the end of the month (or according to your required payment schedule)(they help figure out what that is for you).  Another great feature is the convenience of secure electronic documents.  Above all, they have great customer support.