Best Fit

Businesses change over time.  Your needs change over time.  If you try one of our customizable plans and it works, we guarantee to make sure it fits your needs and your business over time.  This means tweaking things every month for a better fit, and making larger adjustments as needed.  We don't lock you into a rigid plan.  Businesses (and people) grow best with the room to breath.  That's our Best Fit Guarantee.



We’re all human, and having the room to make mistakes is essential for small business success. Yet in accounting, accuracy is key.  That’s why we use proven checks and balances to make sure the results of our work are right.  On the rare occasion that a mistake makes it through that process for some reason, then we’ll fix it at no extra charge to you. That’s our fix-it-free Accuracy Guarantee. 



If you try one of our customizable plans and it works, we'll set a monthly budget amount with you, and then guarantee not to exceed it without your approval. If something unusual comes up and we think we might go over the budgeted amount, we’ll tell you so you can authorize any additional expense. And - here's the important part - if we do extra work that you don’t approve, we won’t charge you for it. That’s our On-Budget Guarantee.