Our Other Services


QuickBooks Setup

Desktop or Online versions
Customized to your business
Includes integration with other apps
from $150

Xero or Wave Setup

or other cloud accounting solution
Customized to your business
Includes integration with other apps
from $150

Systems & Procedures Consult

Get your accounting workflow right
2 one hour meetings, one-on-one or with your team
Includes basic financial policies & procedures
Includes templates for files, inboxes, etc.
Paper or paperless office friendly
from $300


We partner with payroll experts to provide the best payroll service possible. 
DIY Payroll from $35/payroll
Full Service Payroll from $50/payroll
Direct Deposit, Contractor payments, Tax Payments, Tax form filings all included
Learn more about our payroll partners

Accuracy Evaluation

The Accuracy Review looks at how accurate the QuickBooks (or other Software) file’s data and reports are.  We don’t make any changes to the file, we just look at what’s there and then give you a detailed report that includes measurements of both the accuracy and the confidence level you can have in the financial reports.  Examples of some of the things we look at are:

  • Categorization of transactions
  • Checking and credit card account histories and balances
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Expenses that need to be depreciated
  • Payments to 1099 contractors

from $500


Performance Evaluation

The Performance Review looks at how well the QuickBooks (or other Software) file has been kept by your current bookkeeper.  This is an  objective and non-judgmental service aimed at helping you maintain your team and have solid information for your HR process.  Examples of some of the questions we ask and answer are:

  • Are transactions being categorized correctly?
  • Are the primary accounts being reconciled timely and properly?
  • Are there any outstanding or bogus transactions that might be influencing your financial reports?
  • Are there any indications of theft or fraud?
  • What efficiencies can be gained?

from $500


Accounting Policies and Procedures

This is the top item missing for most businesses that make it past the 5 year mark.  Even with a good bookkeeper, you need accounting policies and procedures well defined and laid out in order to make it to the next level.  We've seen a wide variety of policies and procedures, and help clients create them to fit their people, processes, and procedures.  
Complimentary review of existing documents
New documents customized to your business, from $500 

What's missing?

We're looking for your input on what bookkeeping needs you have that we don't offer and aren't being met very well by the current marketplace. In exchange, we'll help you with it if we can, no charge, no obligation.

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