We turn Documents and Data 

into Information and Insight


The Ten Step Process:

  1. Transactions happen
  2. Documents are scanned
  3. Documents are entered, named, and filed
  4. Bank data is imported and compared
  5. Questions are asked and answered, gaps are filled
  6. Accounts are reconciled
  7. Reports are reviewed
  8. Insights are discussed
  9. Processes, procedures, inputs, and outputs are all tweaked
  10. Repeat.

Unbeatable Service

From Friendly People

There are a lot of online bookkeeping apps out there, and even more desktop bookkeeping apps. We briefly considered making one, but decided they only go so far in empowering business owners, and that's what we want to do. Sure they make it easier in some ways. But you still have to do the chore. That's why we start with the app of your choice, and then take it farther to provide a full service bookkeeping solution.

Our Plans

Receipts and data in, useful perspective out.  

All you have to decide is, how often do you want it?



Knowledge is Power

Start each day with an updated overview
See yesterday’s sales without logging into multiple platforms
See available funds and available credit in different accounts
Have a better handle on your receivables, payables, and debt
from $500/mo



Stay on top

Start your week with an updated overview
See last week's sales and how they compare to other periods
Get an idea of whats coming up and what you have to work with
Analyze income and expense, see transaction details, and more
from $300/mo



Know where you've been

End your month with an updated overview
Review sales reports and profitability
Check your instincts - how close are they to the numbers?
See trends over time
from $150/mo



See the big picture

End your quarter with an updated overview
Confirm that you're on track, or see where to adjust
Have a 10,000 foot view of your goals, performance, and ratios
Stay up to date for a smooth year end
from $75/mo



Meet tax deadlines

Experience a 2 week turnaround
Get a full year of financial data into QuickBooks or your app of choice
Have confidence in the data
Make your CPA smile
from $300
-> Pre-tax Review of your existing books: from $150

Pricing Factors

There are several things that determine what your monthly bookkeeping bill might look like.

  • Overall number of transactions
  • Complexity of transactions (Debit card purchases are fairly simple, customer payments on invoices are more complex)
  • Number of bank and credit card accounts
  • Number of locations or business units tracked
  • Number of custom reports you need
  • Cash vs Accrual basis accounting

Some reports are automatically included if your update frequency is more often than the report frequency.

  • Daily plan includes weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting
  • Weekly plan includes monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting
  • Monthly plan includes quarterly and annual reporting
  • Quarterly plan includes annual reporting

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