Integrating Mind and Heart

Chinese for MindfulWhy integrate the mind and the heart? It takes both to create something really meaningful. Did you know that the Chinese calligraphy character for “mindful” is actually two characters in one?  It is composed of jin which means "now; this" and xin which means "heart; mind".  So at least in one language, mindful can mean “the awareness of the mind and heart, together in the moment.”  What a beautiful thing.  The space that's created when we practice the non-judgemental part of mindfulness is a beautiful avenue for the heart to express itself, and for the mind quiet down.

When that happens, the mind and the heart become receptive to each other, and they start integrating.  Inspiration flows, new ideas form, and deeper values surface.  You calm down, feel more grounded, and get clarity on what needs to happen next.  You are able to connect more easily the deeper meaning of your business (the why); with your dreams and goals for your business (the what); and the practical things that have to happen to move things forward (the how)