Happiness/Doing what you love

"The path to happiness is to do what you love." I've heard this from different people and perspectives.  Early in my life, I took this to heart and thought that if I just did what I loved, everything else would fall into place without much effort.  Then I ran - smack - into the practical realities of supporting myself in a world where money is necessary!  Hah!  My lack of financial awareness skills and abilities became a barrier to doing what I loved...and I learned that a lot of meaningful activity needs the support of planning and a pocketbook.

So I still believe this sentiment...in a slightly modified version.  Doing what you love, doing something meaningful, is definitely part of the big abundant, delicious, human happiness pie.  But a) it needs to be tempered and balanced with the practical aspects of life, and b) there is something to be said for being happy no matter what you are doing.  Mastering that second one is the real key to happiness in my book.

If you have a business, what meaning does it provide? Does it help you to do what you love?

What is happiness?  How much is your happiness dependent on what happens in your business?