A few words from a Client


Ryan Richards of ServeSmart says a few words about how his bookkeeping has changed over time. Many thanks to Sunny Monroe for the excellent video production work, and to HubSeattle for use of their video studio.


Less Stress

Between 2007 and 2011, over 70% Americans consistently reported Money as the number one stress factor in their lives.*  Add to that the stress of owning a small business, and the importance of good accounting to business success, and you have a big fat stress sandwich.  We can't get rid of it for you, but by giving you a regular reliable outlook on your money, we can start to help with one of the primary sources of stress.

More Time

65% OF BOOKKEEPING is tedious: 



When you look at the value of your time, it's better spent on other aspects of the business. That’s why you might procrastinate on your bookkeeping (or on reviewing your bookkeeper's work). You have other priorities. However, “making do” through the year, and relying on yearly tax related reports to see how things ended up, can cause its own problems. Good information is just as important during the year. 


What if you could skip The Tedious Parts and have the reports you need?


By hiring professional bookkeepers, your required time is limited to 3 things: initial collection of documents, questions and approvals, and report analysis. The time you used to spend on your bookkeeping or checking behind someone, you now spend where you need to: making deals, managing your team, growing the business. Not only that, there are also gains through increased efficiency and effectiveness.  After reviewing and analyzing reports, you now have the freedom to take action on the results

More Control

Using roles to assign bookkeeping tasks to different people ensures that your data is more accurate, your money safer, and your company better off than without using them. This boils down to “a different person for each main task in the bookkeeping process.” The bottom three layers are the most important to keep separate (see illustration below).  Using our services means keeping these critical functions separate, and putting you in the position of oversight that lets you know what's going on, without doing the work yourself.



a short excerpt from the Mindful Financial Guide to Bookkeeping

More Accurate.

Simply put, we all make mistakes, and as a general rule it is harder to catch our own mistakes, and easier to catch someone else's mistakes. Having 2 or more people involved in the accounting process means the end result will be more accurate.


Good financial controls keep your money safe by limiting who has access to it and when. Theft is the product of three factors: 1) Motive 2) Opportunity and 3) Means/Skills. Separating responsibility helps to a) eliminate Opportunity, b) increases the Means/Skills required, and c) increases the chance you'll catch anything that needs additional attention or investigation.

Better Off.

Trust can be a difficult subject when it comes to money and accounting. A certain level of trust is necessary to hire someone, but you don’t want to go too far. On the other hand dis-trust is destructive to company culture. Financial controls that everyone follows reduce the emotional factors. Everyone can feel safe giving others the benefit of the doubt, and interact positively about it.

3 Unbeatable Guarantees

How often do you hear that from an accounting firm?  


Best Fit

Businesses change over time. Your needs will change over time. If you try one of our plans and it works, we guarantee to make sure it fits your needs and your business now and in the future. We won't lock you into something rigid. Businesses (and people) grow best with the room to breath. That's our Best Fit Guarantee.


We’re all human, and having the room to make mistakes is essential for success. Yet in accounting, accuracy is key. That’s why we use proven checks and balances to make sure the results of our work are right. On the rare occasion that a mistake makes it through, we’ll fix it at no extra charge to you. That’s our fix-it-free Accuracy Guarantee. 

On Budget

If you try one of our plans and it works, we'll set a monthly budget amount with you. If something unusual comes up and we think we might go over it, we’ll tell you so you can authorize any additional expense. If we do additional work without your authorization, we won’t charge you for it. That’s our On-Budget Guarantee. 

And it's Easy


You won't know until you try.